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Fluobite is an innovative mouthguard for weight lifting. It is indicated in weightlifiting sessions in functional training, in powerlifting. It is pre-molded, ready to use, made of medical silicone. Fluobite protects your teeth from load grinding, making sure you can give your best to every workout. In the sales package 2 Fluobite of size M / L to be able to choose YOUR most comfortable Fluobite and the storage box. We will give you the second.


Studies show that holding a bite in the mouth can help improve balance and stability and consequently performance in weight lifting. In addition to this ALL SUBJECTIVE benefit, Fluobite protects the teeth from grinding due to effort. It should be used only during the lifting phase, and must not be kept constantly in the mouth and chewed as an anti-stress. Fluobite was conceived, designed in Italy. 100% Made in Italy product.


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