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Can fluobite be swallowed accidentally?

No. It is absolutely not possible to swallow the bite accidentally both for its size and for its shape. Do not use at night. Do not use after taking alcohol or drugs. Should the mouthguard go completely into the mouth, do not panic, it cannot be swallowed and has been designed to cope with this eventuality. Remove it from the mouth carefully, as gently as possible.


How do you clean Fluobite?

Keeping the mouthguard clean and hygienic is very important.
Before putting it back in its box, wash it thoroughly with cold water and a toothbrush, do not use toothpastes, detergents or other cleaning materials. After each use, clean the mouthguard and its container with an antiseptic mouthwash. An incorrect cleaning leads to the proliferation of bacteria with a consequent formation of unpleasant smells and plaque deposits.


In case of joint or gingival dysfunction, is it recommended?

In the case of gum problems or temporomandibular joint (TMJ), before buying a mouthguard it is always recommended to consult your reference specialist.


Can I wear a mouthguard if I wear a prosthesis or an appliance?

In the case of fixed prostheses there are no contraindications in using the mouthguard, while we recommend consulting your reference specialist before purchasing the mouthguard in the presence of dental prostheses or removable orthodontic appliances.


How long does the mouthguard last?

It depends on the situation of the dentition and the force expressed by the teeth on the mouthguard. Very sharp and sharp teeth can wear out or cut the mouthguard. Very developed chewing muscles can express very intense forces and quickly wear out the mouthguard. It is recommended to replace the mouthguard regularly.

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