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Fluobite is an innovative mouthguard that protects teeth from load grinding in weight sessions.

During weight lifting it is common for athletes to clench their teeth in search of their deeper energies. This perfectly natural behavior can cause serious damage to the teeth. This is where Fluobite comes in. Fluobite transmits a feeling of greater stability and therefore of strength in lifting the barbell.

Use it in sub-maximal, maximal loads!


Fluobite Lifting Edition is an EU registered design, designed in Italy and made of hypoallergenic silicone. It does not contain latex and is suitable for people aged 18 or over. Easy to insert, Fluobite is always ready for use: it does not need to be heated and modeled before use.

The soft material of Fluobite makes it easy to breathe and speak while wearing it - most people won't even notice it in their mouth. Fluobite is compatible with both orthodontic braces and invisible orthodontic braces. If you are wearing an orthodontic brace, you should ask your dentist.


Choose your size from the two (medium and large) available in the pack and start lifting!


Fluobite can be reused multiple times. When you are finished exercising, wash it thoroughly with cold water and a toothbrush. After each use, wash the mouthguard and its case with an antiseptic mouthwash. Do not use toothpastes, detergents or other cleaning products. Each mouthguard will last a variable amount of training sessions, depending on the intensity of the bite, the shape of the teeth and the duration of the training. It is possible to buy separately the Fluo-care, a sanitizing golden plate with Silver Ions.

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